Monday, July 12, 2010

Japan appeal Whaling ban - refused (again)

"I cried when this came in, and it was in an airport lobby where I had to go wash my eyes out.  
This is momentous for several reasons.

First; the Japanese lost.  That's a biggie on its own - they didn't get what they wanted.

Second; losing means they did not get to legitimize whaling, even in smaller numbers.  Everybody knows their "scientific research" is just a Scam, but it's the only loophole they have.  Had they won this vote - where they bribe all the small nation Ministers of environment and/or Interior, they could have slowly raised the limit of legal catches to where the Scientific research level is now - and more.

We also made an example to the small nations that were still in Japan's sphere of influence.  They now know they are on the losing side, and that the British newspapers exposed their corruption.  With good lobbying, the next meeting of the IWC should find even more small nations on our side.  Of course, some government ministers will always be bought off by the c**ty club golf tours, evening trysts financed by the Japanese, lavish gifts sent back home, upgraded hotel suites, etc. We sent a strong message to the boys in Japan's pockets that those "daze of gratuities" are over.

I've been saying that whales are highly intelligent animals of a different species.  I should be saying they are the "Humans of the sea".  Its uncanny how they connect with us, and talking with a whale from a kayak is an entirely new perspective.  It's great from a whale watching boat, but nothing can ever match that eyeball-to-eyeball conversation from a meter away - while underway.  It can be so close that I worry I might stick my paddle in the whale's eye.  This is one of those "I do thing Bill Gates will never know" experiences.  Quite frankly, Bill can paddle with the whales bit I don't think he can paddle fast enough to keep up with them for half an hour.

Eyeball to eyeball for 30 minutes is when one really understands the mind they are conversing with.  
Whales and dolphins are truly the "Humans of the Sea" ."

John Gray. July 2010

I am lucky to have met John and even more lucky to be here to listen to his 'musings' - I am glad that I am not Sarah Palin at the moment - whom I read is wanting to sue people for false claims regarding her resignation....
Then I read that this is not the only whale hunt issue that she has become involved in.  

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Photographs of your trip with John Gray's sea canoe

We would like to share your photographs that you take of your trip with John Gray's Sea Canoe with everybody else - but we need your permission.

There are lots of ways that this can be done - here are some ways.
1) Please email me a link where yours are posted.
(Facebook / photobucket / flcikr - the list is endless)
2) Please email the photographs.
3) Post a link in the comments section of the blog

There are a number posted by John Gray on his facebook 
- Ling Yai ('Big Monkey') - be his friend.

We look forward to receiving your photographs.

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