Saturday, April 28, 2012

A review of our Hong by Starlight Tour

photo courtesy of Dave and Deb
Dear John

I really felt that I would like to give you feedback on my perceptions of this tour. Unfortunately, I am not able to do so on Tripadvisor since I would neither like to register with them nor use my Facebook profile to submit the review.

But here is the review I would have written:

"My fiance and I did the John Gray sea kayak day trip, ending with the Hong by Starlight Tour, and it was the best trip we did in Phuket. The guides are incredibly knowledgable and willing to share their knowledge. It was the one trip where we felt we weren't being shepherded along a 'tourist trap', we were truly made to feel a part of the environment we were in. The guides are willing to answer any questions, which meant we understood what we were looking at - on most tours in Thailand I found that the 'guides' we not at all interested in sharing the history of their country or telling you about the place you are visiting except in the vaguest terms (often with false information) and were merely interested in getting us to buy goods from vendors they no doubt receive kick-backs from. 

Not so with John Gray, we had a relaxing (albeit very long) day with guides that were passionate about what they were doing and also cared for their environment. Littering in the ocean was not encouraged and respect for the environment was - as it should be, but most of the "tourist trap tours" really don't seem to care how the environment is treated and with the thousands of visitors to Thailand this is a pity since I personally noticed the environmental degradation that took place in the 10 years since I last visited Thailand - which of course also impacts on the quality of tours offered. I think that if Thailand wishes to continue it's dependancy on tourism as a main form of income, much attention needs to be paid to the manner in which tourism is carried out. John Gray pays attention to this, contributing to an enjoyable and rewarding tour!

Nothing beats the starlight trip! If you do one tour in Phuket, make sure it's this one."

I know I carried on about the manner in which you treat the environment, but I was so shocked to return to Thailand after 10 years and notice how the environment has been degraded during that time. Thailand seems to rely mostly on tourism for its income, but the manner in which tourism is conducted is questionable. It seems as though tourists are permitted to treat the country and the environment with no respect and to behave in a
manner that they would never behave in back home. For those reasons it was so refreshing to find just one tour company (your's) that instils respect for the environment, the country, its people and its traditions. For those reasons the tour was the best we had in Thailand, we felt like we had learned something on the tour and were allowed to be part of something beautiful for one day.

Thank you so much for that experience and please continue your good work!!

Kind regards
Anja Finnern

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Citizens United - ridiculous!

Citizens United is one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history, and threatens the very fabric of American Democracy - if such a dream still exists in this era of fanatical Right-Wing Extremism. 

It isn't easy but it is possible to turn over this absurd Roberts Court decision that benefits the same people who got America in the financial mess we currently suffer. Unlike many countries, Americans do have a choice - do whatever you have to do to overturn Citizens United. 

Here is our opportunity! 

As an added benefit you will place the "Bimbo Bush" appointee John Roberts down in history as the most corrupt Supreme Court Chief Justice in history!

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Five horses killed in two days at Cheltenam Races in UK

image from Care2 - permission requested
The Cheltenham Festival is coming under scrutiny and drawing ire from the public and animal welfare organizations after five horses were killed in only two days of racing in England.

No comment is necessary.

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sickos - hunting animals for pleasure...

Sickos, but they are burdened mentally by being...  Donald Trump's kids. 

The argument that hunting licenses protect species is ludicrious. Let's kill somebody to save their family? 

The only hunting licenses that should be allowed is for hunters to hunt each other. Now that's "fair game' and real "sport". And if hunters hunt each other, the World's average IQ will go way up, the Planet's "Jerk Level" will go way down, Sadists will cease to exist, and average IQs will go up all across the Planet. 

Oh, yes, sadism, violent crime, mental illness and stupidity levels will all go down. Let's start a movement - hunting licenses to hunt only other hunters! Make the World a better place! BTW, Donald - you are such a jerk how could you ever expect your kids to grow up "decent". There can be no joy in taking any life - unless you are a sick puppy!

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My personal dealings with a Mitt Romney...

image from '' permission requested.
Let's see, Romney is Mormon, right? 

I had plenty of experience with them in Hawai'i, both with coastal master planning and Rugby. First, their integrity stops with other Mormons. The rest of us are just cattle. 

As Rugby Union secretary, when I called "Foul" over BYU-Hawai'i dirty rugby play the answer was always "God allows us to do what we want to win." 

When I called the BYU-Hawai'i Rugby coach (also BYU-Hawai'i Asst, Chancellor) on his 14 kids, his reply was "14 X 14 X 14 =2,744 Mormon Children - we take over the World!" The story of Joseph Smith and the Angel Maroni is absurd - at least until the Mormons produce the Golden Tablets! 

Do you really expect Mitt to be honest, and protect the Planet?

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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