Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hong Kong street sharks

I just wrote a lengthy reply and Facebook crashed. Maybe I said "Brain Dead Chinese" too much. 

Fact is this goes on even in Phuket, where at least three downtown hotels (with branches catering to tourists) still sell Sharkfin soup. 

When I was giving a Rockefeller Foundation Climate Change talk last year, a group tour was eating shark fin in the next room. Even famous Yao Ming cannot get his own people to stop. This is killing the seas, and when the seas die, so do humans. 

All modern thinking Chinese need to join with Penninsula Hotels and ban shark fin - and elephant, rhino, lion, bear, gorilla, dog and cat food and artifacts. 

Hey China, the only way you will feed your people in the future is to go Vegan! I'm a follower of Lao Tzu - please go read him!

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Please make a comment anywhere on the Internet

John has championed protection of our seas and it's nature since I can remember and he would like you to think about this when you visit Phuket.  John also recognises that the Internet is a tool which NOBODY can control (although some countries are trying) - which is why he also has a facebook account where he tries to spread his opinions with others.

Which is why it is important for you to share with others the care we should be taking of our nature rather than exploit it.

Please comment on: 
personal blogs - tim's 

and the plethora of other Internet Sites that exist.

OR post photographs

Ed - thanks.

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Friday, March 16, 2012

STOP the Dog meat trade...

photo from Soi Dog - permission requested
I am vegan, so I consider eating any mammal meat as cannibalism - BUT eating Man's Best Friend is over the top. Anbody who eats dog is lower than whale poop on the bottom of the sea. I'm not rich - can't afford to buy a house or car even in Thailand, but I still give automatic payment of B1,000/month to Soi Dogs to stop the Dog Meat trade. Anybody who eats dog is sub-human. By the way - pigs are smarter than dogs and just as loveable, so that appies to pork as well! 

Please donate to the heroic efforts of Soi Dogs, both in their general efforts - and to stop the Dog Meat trade. It's sad to think that some humans can be so low! 
AND I used to work in cancer epidemiology and promoted the slogan "Eat Less Red Meat". When you do eat mammals, your karma is heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. It's the penalty you pay for eating your relatives!

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Creationism is a fairy tale - made up by the uneducated.

image from creationism vs. evolution - permission requested
Anybody who believes in

Evolution is constantly before our eyes. 

I feel sorry for folks so insecure with their own brain that they have to rely on a book filled with pre-medieval fairy tales designed to impress and dominate the uneducated, illiterate peasants of centuries past - rather than accepting the obvious all around you. 

If you cannot accept the facts, please don't foist your insanity on those who understand scientific fact - and don't deny your children the marvels of the Universe!

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Politicians in bed with Animal Terrorists

image from wikipedia

When politicians; including supposedly liberal Diane Feinstein, go to bed with animal terrorists (including factory farms and animal testing) their actions prove that American politics and politicians are "broken". 

"Freedom of Speech"? 
Right or left, the Socrates model of democracy we were taught to respect is dead. (That's the one that politicians try to convince us they are following - in an era of lobbying and money politics).

The true terrorists are those who promote and produce meat, chicken and animal testing. 

Can you visualise Jesus killing a cow or pig (pigs are smarter than dogs). Have you ever seen a chicken "factory"? They cut off their beaks, press the birds into small cages, and feed them meth to produce more eggs - the meth eventually ends up in your body.

I gave up meat when I worked in cancer research. The facts are undeniable - mammal meat leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Meat is 40% of the American diet, even more in the Philippines. The researchers asked me to promote the science - no more than 10% meat in the diet (it should be zero). But in the Reagan era (even the LA Times did not endorse born stupid Reagan in 1980) the meat lobbyists changed the science and the "official" recommendation became 30%, not 10%.

So when Congress passed the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act" it only proves that money and politics rule and true democracy is a long gone concept. Lobbyists rule at the expense of Free Speech. 

(Ed - or advocates of free speech are the terrorist)

With Obama favouring business suits over Aloha shirts, I wonder if American politics will ever return to true democracy. Money politics eliminated the distinction between Republican and Democrat.

See you on the water, Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') AKA John Caveman Gray

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